Iseki Tractor Steering Bearing Replaces 1429-406-2030-0

Iseki Tractor Steering Bearing Replaces 1429-406-2030-0

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Compatible with Iseki Tractor Models: TE3210, TE3210, TE3210F, TE3210F, TL1900, TL1900, TL1900F, TL1900F, TS1610, TS1610F, TS1700, TS1910, TS1910F, TS2000, TS2200, TS2202, TS2202F, TS2205, TS2205F, TS2210, TS2210F, TS2220, TS2220F, TS2400, TS2500, TS2510, TS2510F, TS2810, TS2810F, TS3110, TS3110F, TS3510, TS3510F, TS3910, TS3910F, TU1400, TU1400F, TU1500, TU1500F, TU1600, TU1600F, TU1700, TU1700, TU1700F, TU1700F, TU1701, TU1701F, TU1900, TU1900, TU1900F, TU1900F, TU1901, TU1901F, TU2100, TU2100, TU2100F, TU2100F, TU2101, TU2101F, TX1300, TX1410, TX1410F, TX1510, TX1510F, TX2140, TX2140F, TX2160, TX2160F

There are two of these bearings used in the TS series Iseki steering boxes.

This bearing goes on the steering shaft above the worm gear and in the bottom of the steering box.

Replaces OEM# 1429-406-2030-0

OEM# for reference only