Yanmar Tractor Air Filter Replaces 124066-12510

Yanmar Tractor Air Filter Replaces 124066-12510

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Compatible with Yanmar Tractor Models: F14, F15, F15D, F16, F16D, L1500, L2000, L2050, L2201, YM122, YM126, YM1301, YM1301D, YM135, YM135D, YM140, YM1401, YM1401D, YM140D, YM142, YM146, YM147, YM147D, YM1502, YM1502D, YM1510, YM1510D, YM155, YM155D, YM1601, YM1601D, YM1602, YM1602D, YM1610, YM1610D, YM165, YM165D, YM169, YM169D, YM1702, YM1702D, YM1720, YM1720D, YM180, YM1802, YM1802D, YM180D, YM1810, YM1810D, YM1820, YM1820D, YM186, YM186D, YM187, YM187D, YM2002, YM2002D, YM220, YM220D, YM226, YM226D, YM250, YM250D, YM255, YMG 1800, YMG 1800D, YMG 2000, YMG 2000D

Replaces OEM# 124066-12510 (124064-12510) (121465-12510) (171022-12530) (70000-11221)

For 135 & 155 with pre-cleaner, 186 & 226 remove plastic cover and fins

OEM# for reference only